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We value empowering artisans, supporting ethically-made, sustainably-sourced designs, and building cross cultural bonds. To combat waste and protect generational craft, we offer only slow fashion – custom-designed and hand-made pieces to be cherished and reworn.


We are launching a new South Asian bridal showroom in the Washington, DC area. Our launch event is a multi-designer trunk show, to be held on 2/2/20 at the Dockmaster's Building, a stunning two-story glass building surrounded by water, in DC from 10am to 3pm EST. DC is an area with a huge and active South Asian community, but no destination for luxury bridal or festive attire. 


We are partnering with elite wedding vendors to create a luxury bridal event, with catering, florals, vintage furniture, and custom draped fitting areas. Our show will feature a highly curated selection from a thoughtfully chosen group of trusted designers, including Payal Singhal, Jayanti Reddy, and MadSam TinZin. We are hoping to round out the bridal couture with one more high-end designer!  As a huge fan of your designs, I'd love to learn whether you'd be open to our featuring your designs at our trunk show. I'm including a bit more information on the boutique below and my contact information. Please feel free to call or email me anytime - I very much look forward to hearing from you!


Doli is a new luxury bridal shopping experience launching in the DC area in early 2020, offering a highly curated selection of designer South Asian bridal and festive apparel. Instead of carrying stock like a typical boutique, we will feature a select set of sample sizes from each of our partner designers’ collections. Our highly personalized client offerings range from an at-home styling consultation to a bridal party styling/fitting over brunch in a lavish suite at the Ritz Carlton Georgetown. Throughout the process, our founder and expert stylist will work closely with each bride to design their dream ensembles, including styling, fit consultations, and custom measurements. Because of the custom nature of the pieces we are offering, each order will be hand-made by artisans of the partner design house and will take 6-8 weeks for delivery directly to the client.  Seasonally, we will also host trunk shows from our internationally-renowned designer partners to increase visibility for the talented designers with whom we are collaborating and to increase engagement with our client base.


Doli’s mission is to provide a highly personalized luxury shopping experience for the modern South Asian bride. We value empowering artisans, supporting ethically-made, sustainably-sourced designs, and building cross cultural bonds. To combat waste and protect artisans, we offer only slow fashion – custom-designed and hand-made. Our launch event, scheduled for 2/2/20 at the Dockmaster’s Building on the new Wharf, will feature a curated edit from highly sought-after South Asian bridal couture designers.     


There is an enormous gap in the market for a comprehensive and luxurious bridal shopping experience serving not only South Asian brides, but also their family and friends. Celebrants also need the option to browse, try on, and tailor pieces for these events. The DC area currently does not have any stores selling designer South Asian ensembles. Currently, our primary competition consists of designer websites, though these do not offer the option for fitting or measurements, and other states/countries, in particular NJ, NY, Canada, and India. Many brides and event attendees do not have a direct connection to India to acquire designer festive attire. The rising rate of interracial, multicultural, and interfaith marriages in the South Asian community has only increased the need for a thoughtful luxury shopping experience, as new family members seek to celebrate the new culture they are joining. South Asian fashions are beautiful, incredibly detailed, and multi-layered – therefore not easily purchased online. They must be tried on for fit and made to measure.  Our founder will teach those new to South Asian fashion about the different types of dresses, the parts of each ensemble, and the appropriate occasion for each style. We hope to empower our first-time shoppers by teaching them how to walk, sit, and move comfortably in what can seem to the uninitiated be an overwhelmingly complex outfit. Doli’s goal is to demystify designer Indian fashion by curating both modern and traditional styles, containing easily transferrable pieces that can be worn to non-South Asian events.